According to the case history of our company. That 85% of Hong Kong husband mistresses and 95% of Taiwan. Hong Kong swindler its activities in the region close to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai area. Because the crooks will also trick in mainland China. Therefore, to successfully catch the crooks or the debtor. And adultery evidence (Mainland tracing) is particularly important. Therefore, when the radio to follow the Hong Kong Taiwan. May wish to start from the mainland rather than the Efficient. At a time when it must first be found. MTP. Home visit permits. In order to check their immigration. Under the name of the phone. Under the name of the company. Under the name of the bank account number. Name off. Tickets. Credit card records. Conduct Hotel predicts monitoring. And (living person). Flights to predict monitor train record rent records Property records temporary residence card.

Even conduct phone positioning. Phone bill .QQ positioning .IP addresses micro-channel positioning .IP address. These are my personal (company) tracing many years of experiences in the Mainland for reference only all victims.

Recently popular man escaped and fled to the mainland overseas events (especially the United States, and Los Angeles as the preferred region) and as long as that person’s personal information card number, you can check their entry and exit, and then learned that his passport number, and then with his passport number, in order to check foreign information, such as real estate, banks, companies, etc.

We are convinced that the investigation process just Exclude difficult is the truth
We are not ordinary private detective

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