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America Detective Int’I co., Ltd in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore and other things are identified at the various provinces and cities in the mainland also has a strong network of people. Be sure to make the case his client faster and more efficient completion.

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Business Survey
Business credit – credit investigation business partner level, performance ability, financial situation, human resources, equipment, operation and taxation, finance and other matters.

Internal Risk:

1. Business secrets leak investigation, prevention and control of disclosure of trade secrets.
2. Employee Loyalty Survey (whether due diligence, bribery, flying single), serving or exit surveys.

* Credit investigation – investigation of your business partners business degree credit, reputation comprehensive evaluation.
* Market research – for your company’s after-sales service, market share, sales channels are blocked, the feasibility of promotions, brand awareness comprehensive evaluation of information.

* Business intelligence gathering – for you to collect business intelligence information competitors.
* Talent collects – to provide personnel or tap talent for your company and so on.

Marriage Survey
With the people’s living conditions while progress, inevitably the formation of many social problems, many families suffer a third party harassment, women, children as vulnerable groups, bear the brunt of the damage, which has become such an affair behavior affect social stability One united a variety of factors. So grasp the evidence is the only legal way victims one use legal means to protect their rights and dignity. The company dedicated to the commissioning party provides the innocent party of illegal acts of love, and giving evidence in court needed for marital infidelity, bigamy investigation and evidence collection, so as to maintain the “Marriage Law” of seriousness.

* Follow-up survey respondent’s whereabouts, the law dealing with people and situations
* Illegal cohabitation of facts
* Data hidden assets case
* Acting Principal of legal proceedings and the trial court to enforce situation

Info Survey
Relying on cooperation between various sectors of information for you or your business to open the easy way.

* Personal information – Query background personnel, property, financial resources, staff, friends around relationships, family background, and so all kinds of information
* Company information – company background, financial status, bank account, liquidity, tax status, and aircraft flight records check, flight monitoring and other information

Hire former investigation
Part your company to provide convenient and efficient investigation, so choosing the right people, business intelligence leaks, your enterprise unnecessary losses

* Education Survey
* Personal Qualification – who used to work units, why resign, home address, status
* Personal Credit – personal cable lines, upbringing, family, hobbies, assets

Credit Investigation
* Employee Loyalty Survey – breach of corporate contracts, damaging interest

IPR protection against counterfeiting investigation
* Special investigation against counterfeit goods, maintenance of intellectual

property rights
The center further closes cooperation with foreign and other private detective relevant departments to provide you with all kinds of foreign investigative services.

Discover personnel background information
Second, the company credit, staff performance capabilities of the investigation
Third, the staff and the company in the field of looking for unexplained
Fourth, the personal integrity of the investigation marriage
Fifth and a variety of information.

Insurance fraud investigation
For insurance companies to provide forensic services in terms of gathering evidence. In order to safeguard the interests of the company and policyholders pressed fraud offenses arrogance. We can provide professional business insurance fraud investigation.

Hire a business in a foreign investigation agencies or private detective agency to investigate in the insurance fraud is very common. With prices in the domestic auto insurance and health insurance products soared, organized crime continues to increase, the insurance company had to pay was fraud insurance.

Network Information Survey
One, dating Survey: Internet dating and online dating through the Internet, QQ, MSN, ICQ, and other ways of Notecase bubble, on the other side of the real situation, feelings tracking, investigation, recording, forensics and reporting, to prevent emotional and spiritual It deceived, to protect the feelings of party investment.

Second, personal mail, business mail, user name decipher other services.

Staff whereabouts tracked
Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, assist the creditor enterprise search for the missing, to find escape debtor, staff, missing persons, marital innocent party and customer-specific activities of staff and so the investigation.

Children Behavior Survey
Survey of children and what people contacts in the community, why drop the results and the availability of puppy love, etc.

Provide civil intelligence investigations for government agencies
Government agencies at all levels, civil administration and institutions to provide information services, civil Satisfaction survey, civil intentions survey, civil justice and law officials, incorruptible satisfaction surveys for the government, civil willingness to urban development, its work and decision-making to be more Multi-reference data, more conducive to progress and perfect work.

If they can provide investigative services for your company, we will commit to:

1, in strict compliance with investigation rules and contract and abide by professional ethics and disciplinary investigation to investigate industry-recognized service standards, honesty, diligence, quality and efficient service to fulfill the obligation survey.

2, in strict accordance with the proposal put to work group members, do our utmost to ensure that the interests of the maintenance of your company. In the project to promote the process, in strict accordance with the program of work we have worked to maintain good communication with your company and partners.

3, using all our knowledge and experience to the America Detective Int’l Co., Ltd promote teamwork and the spirit of cooperation and dedication to provide customers the first one survey of high-quality services for your company.

These are the services we offer for your company special investigation preliminary proposals. For our presentation and recommendations, if your company has any questions or need further understanding into one place, please contact us as follows. At the same time, we also look forward to the opportunity to work with your company to conduct face to face communication.

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