America Detective Int’I co., Ltd in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore and other things are identified at the various provinces and cities in the mainland also has a strong network of people. Be sure to make the case his client faster and more efficient completion.


In response to the needs of the community, a collection of talent all walks of expertise, brainstorm, solve and prevent crises arising from individual enterprises, after 10 several years engrossed in business, regardless of professional training, the case reached a rate, rich human resources set ten years work experience in the industry and become a model …

Accounts receivable services for the payment of the main debt collection, debt collection recovery, and malignant fall will, damages, promissory notes were not honored, and legal claims bill collection, damages.

Accounts receivable bear business, overdue accounts receivable collection, business working capital, bank loans, inheritance disputes, civil debt management, real estate agency brokerage business.

Promissory notes application for adjudication, payment order application, a civil lawsuit judgments, obtain debt obligation, debt negotiation, debt collection office in the professional of the accounting team of consultants will be legitimate way to solve all your bad debt problem; it contains beforehand to ensure that corporate external debt or afterwards to remedy – claims to pursue.

During the service: the more you charged affaires non-litigation matters; (such as payment orders, determined to prove, provisional seizure, please perform the sound, access to household registration transcript of land, property information, etc.)

專案項目 承辦方式 收費標準 (因案情不同會有所增減) 24小時服務專線
婚前徵信 10 天 3萬至6萬元起(議價) 0800-66-22-11
現場蒐證 15 天 10萬元起(議價) 0800-049-999
外遇蒐證 10 天 3萬至6萬元(議價) 0800-66-88-77
脫離不幸婚姻 面議 20萬元起(議價) 0800-809-999
婚姻挽回專案 面議 20萬元起(議價) 0800-04-6666
專案項目 承辦方式 收費標準 (因案情不同會有所增減) 24小時服務專線
仿冒、侵權案件 專案 12萬元起(議價) 0800-22-88-77
各式證據搜集 專案 議價 0800-66-22-11
公司徵信調查 15 天 2萬至4萬元起(議價) 0800-66-88-77
文書鑑定 30 天 (以內) 25萬元(以下) 0800-049-999
不動產查詢 5 天 2萬(議價) 0800-04-6666
不動產鑑定 10 天 1萬元起(議價) 0800-809-999
市場調查 全省每(件)份 5萬元起(含企劃、印刷)(議價)< 0800-008-599
專案項目 承辦方式 收費標準 (因案情不同會有所增減) 24小時服務專線
尋人 專案 5萬元起(議價) 0800-22-77-66
個人行蹤 半天起 議價 0800-22-88-77
反跟蹤 1 天起 議價 0800-22-77-66
電話調查 全省(件)份 1萬元起(含企劃、印刷)(議價) 0800-22-77-66
專案項目 承辦方式 收費標準 (因案情不同會有所增減) 24小時服務專線
應收帳款 專案 實收金額 45%(以下) 0800-008-599
債權協調 專案 面議 0800-22-88-77
債務處理 專案 面議 800-80-9999
投資糾紛 專案 面議 0800-04-6666
專案項目 承辦方式 收費標準 (因案情不同會有所增減) 24小時服務專線
各種查詢 2 天 3000起(議價)> 0800-008-599
各種疑難 面議 議價 0800-22-88-77
各種協議 面議 議價 0800-66-22-11
各種徵信顧問 年費 議價 0800-66-88-77
法律諮詢 優秀律師團 免費諮詢 0800-049-999
心理輔導 每小時 1仟元(議價) 0800-000-007
專案項目 承辦方式 收費標準 (因案情不同會有所增減) 24小時服務專線
各國專案 面議 20萬元起(議價) 0800-22-77-66
器材費 相機、汽機車、攝錄影機 每日1仟元整(議價) 0800-008-599

Business Credit
Movable and immovable property appraisal Kam price, movable and immovable property surveys, market research, instrument identification, counterfeiting, patent counterfeiting, product counterfeiting, trademark counterfeiting, infringement, patent infringement, the company more than accounts, receivables collection, bad debt, banks bad debts , financial disputes, legal debt collection, business credit, employee loyalty survey, intellectual property investigations, claims investigation, gathering evidence for Industry and Commerce, business dispute resolution, tripartite trade credit investigation, company, corporation, responsible for investigating the assets, business regulations, legal advice lawyers consultants recommend other services.

Financial insurance
Events often occur troubled banking sector, the bad debt problem, personal credit, personal assets, microfinance, etc., fed up of the circumstances. In-depth investigation, asset flows, indirect evidence collection, the loss was reduced minimum claims disputes, insurance customers, and how to collect evidence, to avoid their malicious fraud had occurred.

Health care
Medical disputes continue to unfold, how to resolve, how to get the expertise, accountability, collect evidence, to minimize disputes. Thieves clinic constant threat of life and property and the safety of your family, how to protect themselves? Advance preparedness, filtration, after gathering evidence, tracing, take the initiative to protect their own lives and property.

Legal Advisory Services
Excellent professional legal staff, lawyers, law firms, legal issues, legal knowledge, free legal advice, divorce, divorce, divorce, divorce law, divorce certificate, divorce witnesses, divorce proceedings, alimony, custody of children right, the remaining property claims consulting.

Individual aspects
Tracing global Chinese website, a private detective, personal credit, credit investigation, property survey, an affair, an affair investigation, mistresses, women affair, extramarital affairs evidence, marriage and emotional third party investigation, the whereabouts of the investigation gathering evidence, pre-marital credit investigation, prejudice marriage, prejudice, family adultery, evidence collection consulting, affair reason, credit affair, an affair issues affair signs, marriage counseling, marital problems, marital crises, marital violence, domestic violence counseling, relationship problems dispute, restore feelings , restore marriage counseling, missing persons Email Alerts, Email Alerts car … and other services.

If they can provide investigative services for your company, we will commit to:

1, in strict compliance with investigation rules and contract and abide by professional ethics and disciplinary investigation to investigate industry-recognized service standards, honesty, diligence, quality and efficient service to fulfill the obligation survey.

2, in strict accordance with the proposal put to work group members, do our utmost to ensure that the interests of the maintenance of your company. In the project to promote the process, in strict accordance with the program of work we have worked to maintain good communication with your company and partners.

3, using all our knowledge and experience to the full Yang promote teamwork and the spirit of cooperation and dedication to provide customers the first one survey of high-quality services for your company.

These are the services we offer for your company special investigation preliminary proposals. For our presentation and recommendations, if your company has any questions or need further understanding into one place, please contact us as follows. At the same time, we also look forward to the opportunity to work with your company to conduct face to face communication.

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