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We are not ordinary private detective; we are an international investigation team.

America Detective Int’I co., Ltd., was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hong Kong, in response to the needs of the community, a collection of talent all walks of expertise, brainstorm, solve and prevent crises arising from individual enterprises, the company responsible for several business after ten, regardless of professional training, the case reached a rate, rich network of resources set more than a decade of work experience and become a model for the industry.

The more civilized city, downtown, and the relative level of each type of liar not poor, higher cultural level, but also the cleverer tricks such as the use of:

Feelings scam, sham marriages, marriage cheat heritage; exclusion of disputes between shareholders; disloyal spouse will consume small three possessions; get money under the guise of Gregory, under the guise of futures investments, available Gregory, cheat investors’ money; under the guise of doing business, cheat goods, refused to pay; under the guise of international trade, for various reasons of default, but the goods to non-payment; get false documents to deceive the loan contract deserted; obtaining money through online trading, scam by phone, so the victim, sometimes unidentifiable negligence, fraud money; Wei took the court decision cannot be executed debt pitchfork; house number one selling home purchase deposit fraud; counterfeit products and make others enjoy it, etc. ..

The above problems lead to mutual conflicts and disputes, increasing, but the above problems, it has been a lot of police and the courts cannot be resolved, so for us to be able to help customers to find people, search, verification, and again help you exclude difficult to solve problems for customers record straight, justice, help the weak and pour .. This is the focus of the Company of Industry and purpose. Although not necessarily one hundred percent for our customers to regain all of your losses, But our years of experience, has been in dispute for the clients and the rest of the top-level connections (hard or. Well. Examination. Act Ye — ask if not abundant network resources, how to have the strength to help people deal with the problem) so you can be called is , at least be able to minimize your losses, so preventive measures: beforehand and incident investigation The expert coordination process, is very important, 90% of customers are after some inner struggle, only to find out, but at this time if the clever detective agency, they should know where the customer’s problem. As a doctor like remedy. For our industry, in addition to outside help you investigate drug also can help customers solve problems; to be known is the excellent . Los Angeles detective Brett detective with the United International Co., Ltd. belong to fraternal relations Cooperation (SAARC), the Hong Kong company responsible Alan Chen, 53, is a United States by the people of Taiwan engaged in detective industry has more than 25 years, namely 1986 in Taiwan (Taipei ) opened in 1996 in the United States (Los Angeles) opened in 2009 in China (Shenzhen) opened in 2014 opened in Hong Kong. (Both documents are available through the above queries) so Alan Chen has extensive experience in international surveys made familiar with different ways to deal with problem. In particular (USA, China, Taiwan, Vietnam) international business. He has experienced two decades of hard work and establish personal connections we have with the investigators outlets or offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiwan, United States, Vietnam We believe in the nation’s international detective Ltd. Alan’s guidance to the commission to complete the mission.

With the people’s living conditions while progress, inevitably the formation of many social problems, many families suffer a third party harassment, women, children as vulnerable groups, bear the brunt of the damage, which has become such an affair behavior affect social stability One united a variety of factors. Grasp the evidence is the only legal way victim’s, one use legal means to protect their rights and dignity. Ben franchise companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan international investigation between the United States, more specialized investigation Mainland

If they can provide investigative services for your company, we will commit to:

1. in strict compliance with investigation rules and contract and abide by professional ethics and disciplinary investigation to investigate industry-recognized service standards, honesty, diligence, quality and efficient service to fulfill the obligation survey.

2. in strict accordance with the proposal put to work group members, do our utmost to ensure that the interests of the maintenance of your company. In the project to promote the process, in strict accordance with the program of work we have worked to maintain good communication with your company and partners.

3. using all our knowledge and experience to the America Detective Int’l Co., Ltd promote teamwork and the spirit of cooperation and dedication to provide customers the first one survey of high-quality services for your company.

These are the services we offer for your company special investigation preliminary proposals. For our presentation and recommendations, if your company has any questions or need further understanding into one place, please contact us as follows. At the same time, we also look forward to the opportunity to work with your company to conduct face to face communication.

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