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America Detective Int’I co., Ltd in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore and other things are identified at the various provinces and cities in the mainland also has a strong network of people. Be sure to make the case his client faster and more efficient completion.

United States

Tracking Survey: affair gathering evidence, secret video, photos as evidence. Children dating idle condition, youth activity area, check drug gangs, license plate check address names Phone – Address information check: DQ address, phone search address, address search telephone, address search by Ben personal data base, moved southward move address records.

Background Investigation: Current and past work records; flight control; criminal record; education verification; work record; marital status; professional licenses; driving record; commercial credit reports; tax; wanted records; civil action record; criminal record of the proceedings; arrest records; and so on.

Tracing search site: Looking debtors who live abroad at the investigation arrears and defaulters relatives living abroad at lost contact with relatives or friends, first love, all kinds of bullying limp Survey: Query ID authenticity; credit fraud; pretended work-related injury.

Assets Survey: Bank survey; equity; mutual funds; Bonds; operating income; Property land; Cars; tax situation and so on.

Consultant Services:
No solution to help you solve a variety of difficult legal help you recover the US and mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, all kinds of debt, (being bullied – to help you recover the dignity), to save the marriage, out of an unhappy marriage, armed bodyguard, undercover investigation, installation pinhole photography; detect all kinds: (wireless eavesdropping devices, pinhole photography; Qi car tracker).

Our company specializes in American trade, finding people for debt collection in America, doing resource surveys in America and U.S. legal inquiries
Our company specializes in the following:
1. trade debt collection in the United States of America.
2. Locating and searching of person in the United States of American.
3. Personal  and company asset background check in the United States of American.
4. legal advice of United States of America.

Comprehensive Survey Project:
E-mail address check the person’s name, phone positioning; IP address tracking; court summons; court records; telephone harassment investigation; employee background checks; check the names of private mail address.

If they can provide investigative services for your company, we will commit to:

1, in strict compliance with investigation rules and contract and abide by professional ethics and disciplinary investigation to investigate industry-recognized service standards, honesty, diligence, quality and efficient service to fulfill the obligation survey.

2, in strict accordance with the proposal put to work group members, do our utmost to ensure that the interests of the maintenance of your company. In the project to promote the process, in strict accordance with the program of work we have worked to maintain good communication with your company and partners.

3, using all our knowledge and experience to the America Detective Int’l Co., Ltd promote teamwork and the spirit of cooperation and dedication to provide customers the first one survey of high-quality services for your company.

These are the services we offer for your company special investigation preliminary proposals. For our presentation and recommendations, if your company has any questions or need further understanding into one place, please contact us as follows. At the same time, we also look forward to the opportunity to work with your company to conduct face to face communication.

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