Investigation of cases of fraud cheated

The investigation of a case of fraud to cheat

Fraud refers to make the mistake occurred for the purpose of intentional behavior. Illegal possession for the purpose of hiding the truth with fictional facts or methods to cheat the large amount of public and private property behavior.

The Supreme Court judicial interpretation: inform the other party deliberately false information, or deliberately concealing the real situation, to induce the other party to make the wrong intention, and can be identified as fraud (fraud) behavior.

Mainly there are a variety of ways, such as commercial fraud-he with fraud, fraudulent advertising, price gouging, service fraud, fraud and other packaging, from fraud and large includes two types, one is fictional facts, the second is to hide the truth; in essence He said to be to allow victims to fall into the mistake of behavior.

Content of fraud, in the specific situation, the victim will generate misconceptions and make perpetrators desired disposition of property, therefore, whether it is fiction, concealing the fact that in the past, future and present facts and the fact that, as long as above content, it is a fraud.

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