Property Survey

Property Survey

A query, real estate information

Require the principal to provide the other party’s base material (I survey by counsel);

Second, equity survey

Require the client to provide company information (company survey by counsel);

Third, equity securities survey

Require the client to provide basic information (company survey by counsel);

Fourth, the family concealed property, transfer of property surveys and assessments

Fifth, the National Assessment of the debtor bank deposits, stock accounts, securities

Sixth, asset valuation: professional assessment, professional lawyers investigation services!

Seven, bank deposits and Countermeasures way occult metastasis

(1) Deposit conceal facts, or conceal deposit accounts.
Before the divorce proceedings, the funds will usually savings or wages card out, save to a different bank account, the few remaining cards to pay wages to the court cross-examination at trial.

(2)The deposit removed after their own name disappeared.
In the other known deposits and savings-related information to know the case, remove the unauthorized deposit in cash (through transfer will leave marks), save bank or the name of others save the bank, but said which have been used daily expenses.

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